Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Team Bender had a busy day. Eli did not have class today but lounging around the house was not an option as the house cleaners arrive around 9:00am. We rallied quickly and got out the door without abandon. First stop on our tour, Tyger's diner in Glen Park. Restaurants may be Eva's favorite place to dine but Art and I still have some residual fears left over from dining out in the past. So we always enter these situations a bit timidly. I'm happy to report that it was a successful effort on all accounts - the children sat in their chairs quietly (only one squeal over toast), they ate their breakfast of pancakes slathered in butter/touch of syrup, eggs, toast with jam and bacon.) Being the small city that it is, we ran in to two sets of folks we knew so we even got a bit of socializing in.

On the way to the car we had a bit of a detour as Eli dodged in to the corner store and ran down the aisles. At least I remembered to get water for the day. As we left Eva took off running up Chenery Street but she was no match for her daddio. He swooped that girl right off her feet and but her in the car. Next stop =- TARGET.

Oh my goodness, of all the times for the management to change the entire layout of the store. We were like lost puppies looking for our home - well at least, the toilet paper and laudry detergent. I did have moments of panic thinking this curve ball would never get me out of the store with two happy children. The bonus was the sale on diapers - Art filled the entire cart, except where Eli was sitting. (wish I had the camera). Target did not disappoint - we got in to a lane with an incompetent checker. I loaded up a cart of two overly flourescent bathed children and headed for the Element haven. Whew - just in time and there was no wound that a quick rendition of "Barnyard Dance" could not cure.

Now the real fun began as we got to Ocean Beach. Eli started his fish sound the moment he saw the water. The parking lot was full of euphoric surfers. We splashed and ran and dug and squealed for an hour or so. It was beautiful and the entire beach was filled with happy holiday faces. Eli enjoyed the water like the sand piper that he is. Eva and mommy ran up and down the beach front. The first time Eva got wet and dirty she looked at us and said, "I go to the beach house (we were at ours last week). We explained that we were not at that beach. Art and I laughed thinking what a world this little one has where she thinks we can pop in to a beach house). She got over the fact that the beach was dirty and with in no time, she was laying down face first making sand angels in the wet surf. We made it home with out too many whimpers. We scanned past a religious station on the radio (after I protested the beach music of which I am not too fond) and the choral music had the two children in a trance by the time we made it to Randal Street. We whisked the chilren right in to the back yard for a dunk in the metal tub to remove sand. Leslie was corted by the naked water nymphs at her screen door.

Lunch, naps, snack, playing - the rest of the day as usual.

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Morning Chat

This morning I was nose to nose with Eli and he started his usual run of words in his vocabulary. I watched him watch my mouth as I spoke to him so I said, "Suzy" (who we saw yesterday) and he repeated it after me. He continued with Shu Shu, Gammy, that and many others. Oh that boy is getting it now! Language is about to have another convert.

The real sleeping beauty

A few new changes to our routine has added a few snuggles with Eva Gray to my list. First, I rouse Eva after 45 minutes of snoozing during her nap, making bedtime a reasonable hour. I enjoy this immensely. I crawl into beg with Eva and snuggle close. Usually she does not even move a finger, so I remain next to her, either rubbing her back, stroking her hair or just sitting there while she sleeps. Eventually she wakes up (usually after Eli wakes up and rushes in). IF I did not do this, Eva would sleep for three hours and wake grouchy - what a switch after a nap strike for over 8 months!

Our new night time routine has me going to Eva after saying good night to Eli. I entertain Eva's request for a song (Not Twinkle Twinkle Star - she says) and have a pres-slumber chat. Last night she told me all about the fairies that come in to her room and how she did not eat her soup for dinner because it was too late. Now you and I know it was barely veggie soup. We hear Eli cry in protest of Daddy leaving the room and she responded with, "poor little guy. Eli go to sleep and don't cry all night." We ended up kissing and lauging a bit too. I am so happy to finally be a part of Eva's night time routine again.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

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I owe a description of our day at Carnival

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Eli waiting for the bus to take us home from Carnival - he's a big fan of the kettle corn! Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Art and I were making dinner. It got awfully quiet, when we went looking for them this is what we found. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 22, 2005

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

it really bugs her

this morning Leslie, our downstairs neighbor for those who do not already know this, came up for a visit. Eva went into a very dramatic rendition of the night time visit from the fly/mosquito. she kept saying, "..and I was shaking and crying I was shaking and crying.." as she over exagerated her arm movement simulating a crazed chicken. her eyes were wide and her words over emphasized as she retold her story. it was quite funny. this took away from the main attraction of our playdough. mommy made her first batch of homemade. eva was fondling the brilliant green, blue and orange as she kept saying, "I need RED!" luckily I got to it eventually. whew, the demands never stop.

Monday, May 16, 2005

the bugging fly

last night eva had her first night mare - she came screaming out of her room at 3:00 looking for daddy. she told of us a fly bit her. daddy snuggled with her a bit on the sofa then in her room. he said she was shaking. my poor baby. we do not know if a mosquito got her or if she remembered all the bugs we saw over the weekend. what ever started scaring my baby - i hope it goes away. we've been singing. "Shoo fly don't bother me, shoo fly don't bother me, shoo fly don't bother me, I belong to some body!" i hope it get's the hint and leaves her alone!

words for Eli and more

Eli's vocabulary is growing. Here is the list of perfectly ennunciated words and some that are a bit more creative:

NO, nose (sounds more like nos), knee, hi mommy, mommie's (possesive is very important!), yaya (Eva + olivia), daddy, happy, some times we get a clear tank you, doggy, moon, bee, hot, up, hat, shoes, ice, boobie (of course) ( i will add more as i remember them), buh bye, nigh night, down, bebe, noodle (which sounds more like noonoo -= Eva taught him this while comsuming Thai food on Sat), he make fabulous sounds for birds, cars, planes, cats, dogs, bears, sheeps, frogs, ducks, cows. hapme = help me.

his understanding of what we are saying is excellent - he can run back to his room and get a diaper for me, point to any object in a book i say.

plus an update on sleeping. for three weeks, i nurse eli for 20 minutes at night then we have hugging a kissing time standing up for a few minutes. usually, he leans backwards for me to place him in his crib where we continue talking and saying our good nights. then he will blow me kisses and ask for daddy. this is where i take my cue to leave and find daddy. they say their good nights and then daddy leaves. eli usually fusses for 30 seconds to 2 minutes then goes to sleep. for the last week i slept in the bed near him and if he wakes at 2:30 - 3:30 i tell him it is not time to eat and he must go back to sleep. he protest for a bit and then goes back to sleep for 2 hours or so. he has gone so far as sleep to 5:00 am three times. tah dah - we'll see if we can get it to 5:30 soon!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Eva's Open House

We had an eventful day. As we prepared for the day - I discovered the toilet paper from the bathroom was no longer in its rightful spot. Instead it made a trail from its home to the living room. At the end of the trail I found two extrememly happy naked children dancing amongst the pile.

Today, Eli stayed with Olivia while mommy and Eva Gray went to Hummingbird Cooperative Preschool's open house. We had a very nice time. Highlights included, snacks, dolls, a doll house, Somerset and Kusha, the rabbit in its hutch, and the water fountain in the yard. We gave Beth and Somerset a ride home and ended up playing at their house for a bit.

Eva is busy playing with a carriage during the open house at her new school Posted by Hello

Open House at Humingbird Preschool Posted by Hello

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Eva and her friend Katie outside of class Posted by Hello

Self-timed shot of mommy and Eva waiting for Daddy and Eli to pick us up. Posted by Hello

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Just one more time

so on the eve of my parent's departure, just before bedtime the children got a bit crazy for the
grandparents and eva got carried away chasing eli who had taken her brush and ended up cutting the
skin around his eye. eva was lectured a bit by her father. i crawled in bed with her to say good night
and reiterated the mantra "eli is your little brother, we don't hit him, we are gentle and teach him not to
hit." her response, "just one more time, next week." so there you have it

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