Monday, December 18, 2006

Eva Ballerina

Eva on her last day of ballet before the winter break was ready indeed. The teacher had the children perform their own version of The Nutcracker. Eva was so great.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The children were busy gingerbread designers at Eva's party.

Eva's Party

What group of cuties for Eva's fourth birthday party. L to R: Kyle, Choe, Eva, Dahlia, Erin and Eli (Sasha and Avalon were too busy for the photo)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

birthday for eli Posted by Picasa

frog train Posted by Picasa

party Posted by Picasa

E + E at the pumpkin farm Posted by Picasa

Halloween at school Posted by Picasa

Eva's last day of being three

Eva just left for school. She is getting so big. This morning we tried on a pair of pants, just some kakis I got at a second hand store. We attempt once in a while to see if she's ready to wear them because it is getting increasingly difficult to keep pants to wear with all the pink she demands every day. Today was the day -- they fit. She looked so long and lean in them. We put them on with an old red, velour dress from last year. Today was the day to visit the fire station, so she had on her pink and orange polka-dotted rain coat and boots from Grammy. We snuggled at the bottom of the stairs as I reminded her it was her last day being three. Art started down the stairs with her until she reminded him she forgot her vegetable for soup day. It's started already, she's reminding us of things!

eli trapped

As I was scanning the following images Eli was playing contently in his room. I started to hear a whine from his diretion. I would answer back,"Eli, mommy is in the living room, come up here." This continued for a little bit, until his urging got a bit more urgent. I left my post at the computer to find Eli's choo choo underwear snagged on the the bed. He was telling me he was TRAPPED. I unhooked my boy, had a fine snuggle, and we continued what we were doing.....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

As I discovered the paints for the party project were permanent, everyone opted for a clothing optional art session. Elijah works on his a little longer than the other boys Posted by Picasa

Eva moved in to the shade - it was toooooo hot in the sun - yes on November 18th! Posted by Picasa

Eli returns to his project to add more colors to his birdhouse Posted by Picasa

Here come the cupcakes Posted by Picasa

Eli wants to get his cupcakes Posted by Picasa

The search for treasures in the hay continue Posted by Picasa

Helen narrates a play at the request of the acting troup. This was the third and final performace before dinner. Posted by Picasa

The Queen, the Princess and her baby Posted by Picasa

Felix the knight Posted by Picasa

Eli in his celebration cape and crown Posted by Picasa

Eva and Eli take a ride in the sky Posted by Picasa

Eva found her favorite car Posted by Picasa

The oakland zoo has rides! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Eli Posted by Picasa

Eli and Mr. Croaks wake Shu Shu for the day Posted by Picasa

The first present of the day was a hit Posted by Picasa

Eli loves Mr. Croaks Posted by Picasa

banana pancakes are yummmy Posted by Picasa