Thursday, July 20, 2006

my hip is lonely

well it's happening, after three and a half years, my babies are getting too big for me to carry. certainly there are moments of a quick whisking away, a pause with Eli is his old spot, but for the most part, my days of perpetually having a parsite on my hip are over. with each attempt to lift and comfort a crying child or a hard-headed effort to show that I can still do it, i realize that i'm just not strong enough to fight against the gravity that wants to keep these strong little bodies in constant motion on the ground. alas, I just had to acknowledge that this milestone has not come with out my notice. I think happily back on my hip-extended stance as some child perched gracefully as I was cooked, walked, or just rocked back and forth. so be warned you folks out there with little ones, if I get my hands on your child, I'll wear them proudly upon the hip.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Art and Eli are captured by Lenny Posted by Picasa

Eva and her flag Posted by Picasa

Buki the Clown stopped to see her friends... Posted by Picasa

4th of July in Alameda

a link to Lenny's photos on the day plus I'll down load a few of my cute family....