Tuesday, March 06, 2007

They Sleep

We had the most wonderful day yesterday. Joining our dear friends Helen, Isa and Felix at Crissy Field, we picnicked, waded in the water and dug nests of sand. I was hoping this fresh air would lead to a good nights sleep. What I did not expect was a new arrangement.

After bath and dinner the children moved their beds together. My first thought was what mess they'd made! After rearranging a few things I agreed to let them keep it this way for a few days. So I tucked them into bed, sand the usual songs and left them. Of course, there was more excitement then usual and took a lot longer for them to calm down. I had to go tell them to settle down. When I opened their door what did I see? They were now both in Eva's bed, Eli half asleep and Eva very excited. I asked them to please get in to their own bed but Eli grabbed Eva's arm and said he wanted to stay as he stroked her arm. Eva, beaming pleaded she was happy and would sleep with Eli. I removed the back bumper giving them more room, gave Eva a book and left them alone. Eli was asleep in minutes. Eva began to yawn. They were asleep until Art got out of bed at 6:15am. It was great. They were in fabulous spirits this morning and seem to be on the same page.