Saturday, January 28, 2006

Family Portraits

Shame on the second row for hiding! Pretty good self-timed shot indeed.

Hammock Family Christmas '05 Posted by Picasa

The family never looked better Posted by Picasa

Evening Ritual

Every night Daddy gives Eva and Eli their bath. I either finish cleaning the kitchen or catch-up on my emails. Eli ALWAYS get out of the bath first. I hear Art say, "Go see Mommy." Then I hear the beginnings of a pitter-pat. Usually, he comes and finds me at the computer and commands me to sit down, pointing to spot at the doorway to the hall. He then, runs down to the mirror and says, "say where's Eli?" So the game begins. "Where's Eli? Daddy, have you seen Eli? I've looked up, I've looked down but I can't find Eli!" Then Eli yells, "here I am, " as he's running full-steam towards me. He leaps with all of his might and lands in a helicopter position above my head. Then he demands "one more" which turns into 5 +. Sometimes I get him to reverse his retreat and give me a big kiss.

Just before the holidays, Eli turned the corner. I know I see him EVERY night but this particular night, a baby did not great me, it was truly a little boy. His soft chunky body has been replaced by a lean, efficient moving machine. Gotta go, I hear daddy getting him out the tub now, I dont' want to miss our ritual.

A snuggle for mommy Posted by Picasa

Eli is a fast runner, approaching the human launch-pad Posted by Picasa

The best view as Eli retreats Posted by Picasa

Eva's out of the bath and it's her turn... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Birthday morning with Mommy Posted by Picasa

39 years earlier Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Leatherman

Susan gave Art his favorite gift of the season - A LEATHERMAN. For those of you not-in-the-know, it is all purpose, swiss-armyesque tool that fits in the palm of your hand. Christmas morning, he spent hours reviewing it's many features, memorizing the order of tools for efficiency, and dreaming of the day he can put it to use at his laundromats. The fateful day we left Fredericksburg, Art realized his error as it was still on Quinn's toy shelf (high out of reach). How horrible - I agreed to ask Sydney to send it to us ASAP. Luckily I waited long enough so I could remember all the items we left behind: Eva's winter coat, her orange cartigan that goes with everything, and her favorite Roots t-shirt from Neema and Tim. So the package arrived with a letter from Sydney! Sydney, I documented a reunion-moment for you! a link to the leatherman site for those truly interested

Syd's letter enclosed with the package of our "leave-behind" items... Posted by Picasa

Finally, Art is reunited with his beloved Leatherman - thanks Sydney for sending it back! Posted by Picasa

Upon reuniting with his Leatherman, Art attacks a clementine Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Traveling bug still here

We are mildly crazy. As we just returned from an epic two week visit to the East Coast on Wednesday - what were we thinking heading to Tahoe for an over-night trip? Why not? We got the message from our friends, Matt and Nancy that they had a huge house ready for us, we responded with, "we're there!" As our laundry was not all done, the suitcases still upstairs, the logistics of getting our of the door was much easier. We left at 8:30 sat morning and arrived at 11:30 am for lunch and romp in the snow. The children do not have real winter gear so we just kept piling on layers. Eli looked like the little boy in the movie, "A Christmas Story." I imagined if he fell down he'd be like a turtle on his back. Eva just took and loved every minute of the snow experience -- cold, wet hands, a bumpy sleigh ride, wind on the face. Eli, on the other hand, was a bit more skeptical. He did not want to go on the sled, disliked the wet, mushy snow and complained a wee bit about the wind coming off of the lake. He did find the FREEZING cold puddles to be of the utmost fun. yiiiiikes. We walked, skidded, and rode the sled all the way to the edge of the lake. It was absolutely beautiful. The ride home was a bit more full of complaints but still worth it. The children had fun with their buddy Cabot jumping on the bunk beds and bunking down the carpeted stairs. We were spoiled by sleeping in the master suite of the house which made it easier for us as Eli woke up all night. Plus the early 6:00am rising in the morning was isolated from the rest of the folks. The children did really well on the 4 hour car-ride both ways. Well tomorrow it's back to real life and our normal schedule.

Daddy gets a work-out! Posted by Picasa

Eli can not wait to join in the reindeer games Posted by Picasa

Daddy and Eli get a ride Posted by Picasa

Cabot and Eva are ready for a ride on the sled Posted by Picasa

The lake was the final destination of our walk - completely worth the effort. Posted by Picasa

Eli and Matt give, larry the dog a break. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Art found a not-so-quiet corner to enjoy a book Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year from Kara, Jan, Amy, and Sydney Posted by Picasa

Eli finds something extremely funny Posted by Picasa

Quinn and Eva in the activity garden Posted by Picasa

Playdough! Posted by Picasa

Quinn approves of the cheescake, Eva is still working on hers Posted by Picasa

Eli and Eva sport their new wings Posted by Picasa

Althea and Jack finish their desert Posted by Picasa