Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our long journey begins

I'm always a bit leary of vacation stories that begin with the flight but ours has to be mentioned for the simple fact that it was the first one Eva,Eli and I took on our own. I woke up at 4:30 the morning of our flight with the flu. After caring for Eli and Eva over the weekend, I finally caught the bug. It started out as a long morning but thank goodness for ImodiumMD! The children, sensing something was wrong with me, were on their best behavior the entire flight. Art took us as far as security and then wished us well. The children stayed mostly by my side. Eli did get a burst of of the "run-always" upon spotting his first big airplane out the window. Eva guarded our things as I quickly retrieved our little guy. We timed our arrival to the gate so that we were able to board immediately. The children were very excited about being on an airplane. I did not start handing out the the "goodies" until a couple of hours in to the flight. The play dough brought some concerned looks from the woman across the aisle from us but Eva and Eli not only did not throw it but kept it on their tray-table. This activity lasted at least an hour. Then there were the stickers, the magic markers, the masking tape and the treats (gum, cookie and juice). I would get unnerved as soon as I heard, "I have to go to the bathroom." But the one left behind just sat in their seat, good as an angle. The only raucous time was when the children sang their favorite Native American tune from their Music Together tape, "Hey Anah" which they love to belt out. I was wearing a salmon colored Indian chemise which I'm certain made us look like a nice Hari Chrisna family ready to hand out poppies down the aisle any minute.

Mom and Dad waiting for us at baggage claim was a sight for soar eyes. We packed in to their car and headed south. I had to sit in the back so as to keep the illness from Mom and Dad. As soon as we got to 29 south, beautiful Virginia began unwiding for me. Of course, the development continues in my absence but you can not hide the beauty. E + E loved to see the farmyards and point out the cows and horses. They were a little tired of traveling by the time we got to Madison County but we made it to Waynesboro without any major breakdowns. The minute we pulled up to 1344 Chatham Road they knew where we were. We went in and Eli wanted to see Granddaddy's digger. Eva crawled in her bed just as Daddy called from SF. I overheard her telling him all the details of our trip. the final point being, "and Daddy, I had more apple juice than I'd ever dreamed of. " I hit the bed and slept better than I had in months. Eli woke up early but Granddaddy took over and let me go back to sleep for a good few hours more. ahhhhhh

June 7, 2006 Waynesboro

Waynesboro was cooler than I thought it'd be but I couldn't complain about the refreshing breezes that'd stir while sitting under a tall tree. The sky was filled with billowing clouds most of the week, making for a dramatic backdrop for the first leg of our journey. These two factors lended itself to many hours out-of-doors for the children. Mom borrowed two tricycles from friends. It did not take Eva long to figure out how to ride. She'd want assistance getting started but within a day or so she was able to go off and on for hours. Eli would sit on the seat and walk his tryke around - Fred Flinstone style. He too, the last day or so, mastered the tricycle. Granddaddy and I would sit in our lawn chairs watching the entertainment. Anna came by the first day while on her break from work. It was a pleasant surprise. We relaxed on the swing and played with the children. Mom had a Dr's appointment so she missed our gathering. She joined us for lunch at 250 Central, which started out a bit wild but was soon tempered as food hit the little bellies. Eva had a breakdown in the parking lot on the way to the car - I honestly can not remember the reason for the life of me now, but it was the first sign of a tired girl, missing her daddy.

Mom and I came up with a menu for the week and lucked out as Julia from next door agreed to watch E + E while we went grocery shopping. I had my first tour of the famous Martin's Super Market. Waynesboro has the full offerings of a super super store. Mom and I took our time, checking out the new store. I could not resist an indulgence, a bag of Martin's potato chips. Little did I know this was just the beginning of a holiday of indulgences. I even had a few handfuls on the way home.

Julia had everything under control until I got there and interrupted the balance. The children burst in to a sibling fight which brought tears on both sides. Of course, Sey Sey showed up just at this was taking place. The confusion level grew as she handed Eva a box of girl scout cookies before dinner and the protest escalated as I took them from her. We barely got it back together in time for dinner. Mark, Pam and Anna came over as well. After a stressful time getting the wee ones to sleep, I was able to visit with mom, dad and Susan. What finally worked was the guilt method. I simply explained that I never get to see my mommy, daddy and sister. I needed them to go to sleep so 'i could go and visit. It worked. The children even slept through the night the next 5 nights until 6:30am. I was shocked to hear them running down the hall every morning, leaving me to my rest.

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June 8th, 2006 Waynesboro

We did more of the same in the morning, and then headed to the Waynesbor Public Library. Sey Sey suggested going to see the murals in the children's library. We read many books and took home some new favorites ( Peter and the Wolf and Tim Mouse Goes Down Stream) and old favorites (Babar). Next stop on the tour, Peck's BBQ! We got there just as all the construction crews were enjoying their lunch. The room full of men was no competition for us. Eva and Eli made many friends among the crowd. Grammy treated the children to an ice cream cone at Willy's afterwards. I'd heard rumors from someone that Willy's was soon to be sold and closed. I can only imagine the protests if this in fact happens. Happy, messy faces made it home in time for some quiet time. Grand daddy was sad that he'd missed the ice cream I think the children's gloating over their treat only made it worse.

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Friday, June 9, 2006 Waynesboro

Friday morning we woke to Grammy sick in bed. She remained there for 24 hours. Granddaddy took us to the Frontier Cultural Museum in Staunton. http://www.frontiermuseum.org/
I quite enjoyed myself. This would not have been fun on a hot summer day but we had a perfectly wonderful day, alternating cloud coverage and bright sun. It was a rough start with Eva whining about everything - wrong shoes, tired, wanting to be carried and so on but eventually, the farmyard experiences coupled with petting the Polish hens and mooing with the cows got her over her funk. My favorite part of the excursion was our detour from the Scotch/Irish Farm along a path to the forge. We stopped at the bridge and had a snack amongst the greenery of the forest. After our trip back to the 1730's we went home for a rest. Later, Granddaddy took us to the pet store. Eva spent the majority of her time gazing at the miniature hamsters and their babies. Eli liked the puppies and the cockatoo. The highlight of the trip was when the cockatoo nipped the female owner of the store and got a spanking.

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