Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day

I had the greatest conversation with Sydney today. I begin the subject of Valentine's Day card production. Sydney imediately came back with the stats on her reality. With three boys in school they have over 100 cards to bring to school. The Bonney Boys have had to long give up the homemade cards. Something to look forward to.

For now, we only had 19 for school to make but it still felt a bit like an assembly line. Spread out on the living room carpet, surrounded by paper scraps, each child chose a task that met their strengths and honed their methodology. Both children glued the hearts I cut out, Eli sure to beat beat beat as hard as he could to assure good contact. Then Eli took control of adding a shard of white, shimmery paper. He would slowly apply glue over and over to the strip. After securing the strip he would run the glue stick up and down, over and over along the strip. His expression was so serious. Eva learned that she need not add any more glue and mearly added the tule to the extra glue from Eli's work. They were quite a dedicated team. Then the fun began - choosing which card went to which friend and teacher.

Eva is a Valentine Machine. Earlier that day we made 30+ red heart paint on construction paper cards. She stamped over and over the sponge we made. Today she followed up by adding glitter glue to each one assuring each a unique style. We hope to give these randomly to people tomorrow. Eva asked,. " What if I don't like this person we give the card to?" ahhhh life's lessons begin early.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Leslie's Head

We are a very loud crew living above our neighbor Leslie. There are moments we try to hush a sound now and then but we are just plain loud. Just a moment ago, Eli was rolling a tube of quarters down his birdcage and they were landing on the red rug in the living roo. Eli asked me, "Is this hurting Leslie's head?" Why would he think this soft landing would be louder than him jumping off the sofa on the floor, shaking all of our living room contents?

Eva and Dahlia

Eva and Dahlia, a friend from school have become pretty good pals. We ran in them them last week and they grabbed hands and ran away, playing for an hour. This past Friday, Dahlia's mom Amy, had Eva for a playdate. On Sunday we had attending a birthday party at 11:00am for our friend Max at the Zeum a media museum. I left to attend Suzy's babyshower in Napa. Art, the dad with endless patience stayed at the complex until 5:00 pm. I just spoke to Amy saying that I heard they ran in to them at the outdoor playground. Evidently, the meeting was so out of context for the children. Eva went up to Dahlia and said,"Hi are you Dahlia? I'm Eva. I go to your preschool." Dahlia did not quite know what to think either.