Sunday, November 19, 2006

As I discovered the paints for the party project were permanent, everyone opted for a clothing optional art session. Elijah works on his a little longer than the other boys Posted by Picasa

Eva moved in to the shade - it was toooooo hot in the sun - yes on November 18th! Posted by Picasa

Eli returns to his project to add more colors to his birdhouse Posted by Picasa

Here come the cupcakes Posted by Picasa

Eli wants to get his cupcakes Posted by Picasa

The search for treasures in the hay continue Posted by Picasa

Helen narrates a play at the request of the acting troup. This was the third and final performace before dinner. Posted by Picasa

The Queen, the Princess and her baby Posted by Picasa

Felix the knight Posted by Picasa

Eli in his celebration cape and crown Posted by Picasa

Eva and Eli take a ride in the sky Posted by Picasa

Eva found her favorite car Posted by Picasa

The oakland zoo has rides! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Eli Posted by Picasa

Eli and Mr. Croaks wake Shu Shu for the day Posted by Picasa

The first present of the day was a hit Posted by Picasa

Eli loves Mr. Croaks Posted by Picasa

banana pancakes are yummmy Posted by Picasa

Eli races through the zoo with carriage Posted by Picasa

Balancing is always fun Posted by Picasa

Eli took his new "baby" Mr. Croaks to the zoo. There were plenty of smiles first seeing a cute boy pushing the carriage, and then when they saw he had a this big toad inside the blankets Posted by Picasa

These are the cutest goats EVER Posted by Picasa

Shu Shu pets a pigmy goat Posted by Picasa

Eli turns three with a whirlwind of celebrations

Eli is now a three year old. I can believe it by looking at him. He's stretching daily, he speaks clearly and effusively about any topic of interest, and oh yes, he has his first rounds of tempering tantrums. After three years of a mild-mannered fella, we've come up against a frustrated soul. After our times with Eva, I almost want to laugh at his outbursts bursts but dare not.

Thursday evening, November 9th, we had the lantern walk at Hummingbird Coop. It was a sweet event. The children and parents all gathered at the school around 5:00. There was plenty of camabert on hand as we needed the round wooden containers to make the lanterns! This year the children colored on vellum with a special wax crayon. The teachers ironed them and melted the colors. Parents made cutouts of a nice brown paper. I made the childrens craggely trees and a moon. Marlis, their teacher, gathered the children and families in a circle and told them the story of a little girl who takes her lantern in to nature to share its light. when the wind blows it out she ends up going up the the moon to light her lantern where she returns to all the creatures and shares the light. We then all lit our lanterns. I was caught a little off guard, did not have their shoes on, coats ready so I was in my typical parent rush as I hurried us out the door. As soon as I put Eli's latern on the stick, the bottom dropped out and I rushed back up the two flights of stairs to see if our old lantern was still available. but barbie, the assistant, stepped up and fixed taped eli's lantern. I know Barbie has a sweetspot for Eli. She is always telling me stories of him. All settled, the entire group walked a few blocks to the local park in the dark singing songs. Eva belted the tunes at the top of her range. Eli had troubles singing and concentrating on holding the lanterns. He opted to not have the stick and just carry the lantern. We entered the park and interrupted a pick-up game of basketball. The men/boys just stopped and listened to the songs. It was pretty funny. We gathered in a circle as Marlis told the story of St. Martin sharing is cloak with a poor man and how this inspired his good deeds leading him to sainthood. We walked back, went home. It was a sweet event and I always love this time. It is a nice Automn tradition.

Shu Shu arrived on Friday. Yeah! we all went to the airport to retreive her and her bags full 'o goodies. It was a sweet reunion. Eva and Eli immediately gave hugs and happily held her hand and snacked on her crackers on the ride home.

Saturday night the adults at 127 Randall Street wrapped presents, decorated the table, and made sure there was enough surpise in the air for the birthday boy. This said and done, Susan and I dropped
Sunday was the big day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

ready for trick or treating Posted by Picasa

e + e Posted by Picasa