Saturday, March 25, 2006

Swan Song to the Beach House?????

What can we say about the "beach house" as is it refered to around the house. This little, rustic studio has been a part of Art and my life for over 8 years. Every other month, the third weekend, we pack up our car full to the brim with our bedding, warm clothes, food and reading material, and head along the curvy road to Stinson Beach. Bob Evans the owner and man-extrodinaire passed away late last year. He had been a big part of his community and a part of the "beach" experience for us. He respected our privacy but was ready for an engaging chat anytime. One of my last memories of him, he was sitting in his corner office, view of the beach on two sides, with Eva on his lap, coloring with his collection of magic markers. He was giving them to her WAY before we allowed them in her toddler grasp. The children refer to the Golden Gate Bridge as the "Bob" bridge. They know he is now with the angles and speak of him often.

Anyway, the house is soon to be on the market. Michelle, Bob's friend/caretaker, befriended our family over the two years. A visit to Stinson would not be complete without Michelle and Eva watering everything in site behind the privacy fence of 33 Calle del Sierra.

This past weekend encompased all that we love about the spot. We arrived on Saturday to a bright sunny but windy day. The children and I arrived before Art. We were warned that Bob's children might be there, but we were unaware to what extent. They were like busy worker bees buzzing around. There was a bit of tension when they immediately asked if they could change out our toilet, took all of our parking spaces and pretty much were in every shared space possible. Soon we reached a good state of equilibrium and learned to coexist.


It is always difficult leaving. Eva does not appreciate the transition from here to there. It is even worse when we leave something fabulous such as Stinson. Kara and Andrew helped us get in to the car, Eva in tears, crying about the way she was put in to her car seat. This loud cry of protest turned in to a low moan by the time we left the township limits. This constant humm, wailish moan continued with every twist in the turn of curvy Rt. 1, Pacific Highway. Eli sat silently in his seat studying his California Bird laminated chart all the while this droaning as a background music. By the time we were ready to turn left at Muir Beach to head towards Muir Woods, Eva added to her chant, "I caaan't stopppp whhhhinnnningggggg."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Eva takes it all in! Posted by Picasa

The sun becomes Eli Posted by Picasa

Master Eli lounges in the chair Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Eli Posted by Picasa

So cute Posted by Picasa

Much time was spent looking out at the beach Posted by Picasa

The Party is just getting started Posted by Picasa

The children help Matt blow-out his birthday candles Posted by Picasa

Just another beautiful morning in Stinson Posted by Picasa

Eva loves cream cheese and salmon for breakfast Posted by Picasa

Eva and Daddy shell-hunting Posted by Picasa

We spent the morning looking for treasures Posted by Picasa

Cutie Arianna poses for the camera Posted by Picasa

Eli is feeling a bit tuckered out today Posted by Picasa

Arianna and Ajmal enjoy the end of the sunlight Posted by Picasa

My cuties play at the beach house Posted by Picasa

The beautiful redwood forest Posted by Picasa

The gals are suited up with the various Bender children Posted by Picasa

Kara and Eva high tail it out of the forest! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The possum

A few weeks ago, Eli and I went to Phil's Coffee to try a highly recommended cup of coffee. I was delighted with the hand-dripped Turkish blend. It was delicious. The owner, Phil, was so generous he wanted me to try all of his blends. Needless to say I was CAFFEINED for a good portion of the morning. I was miss chatty, miss efficient and felt fabulous, until I crashed. By the time Eva came home from school I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes opened. I gave Eva and Eli some milk, read them books and declared the next 30 minutes, quiet time. I immediately ran in to my room and laid across my bed. Well, quiet time lasted about 5 minutes, Eli came running in to my room saying, "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy......" over and over until it was clear he was getting no response from me. I played possum to see what would happen. He then darted down the hall towards the living room, all I heard was the little slap slap of his feet hitting the hard wood floors. Eva ran promptly after him saying, "Eli, Mommy is taking a nap, can I help you with something?" Nice to have a substitute mom in these cases and Eva certainly fits the bill.

Friday, March 03, 2006

A big breakfast at Boogaloos provided the perfect base for our family adventure - and Eli ate the entire plate of food in front of him! Posted by Picasa

E + E sit by themselves on BART Posted by Picasa

E + E Posted by Picasa

The water fountain was very entertaining Posted by Picasa

Eva carefully chose the perfect horse Posted by Picasa

Eli prefers to sit on the bench Posted by Picasa