Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eva and Eli during the egg hunt after church Posted by Picasa

Eva shows me the blue egg she found Posted by Picasa

Eli found an orange egg Posted by Picasa

Reading card from Grammy and Grandaddy Posted by Picasa

Working on the rest of the eggs Posted by Picasa

Dying the rest of the eggs the Easter Bunny left for us to work on Posted by Picasa

ooooooahhhhhhoooohhhhhh Posted by Picasa

Eli meets his first-ever Peep! Posted by Picasa

Eli reaches for a fuzzy chick in his basket Posted by Picasa

Just ONE more jelly bean... Posted by Picasa

Eli a little freaked out by the butterfly lying prone.....though he approved of this more than the ones fluttering around his head Posted by Picasa

Eva learned to spot hybiscus flowers Posted by Picasa

Walking around - you'd never know the place was PACKED! Posted by Picasa

No fish to be found in this pond! Posted by Picasa

Eva looks over the lily pads Posted by Picasa

"I don;t want to see one more plant!!!!!!!!!!" Posted by Picasa

In the grass Posted by Picasa

Eva rolls down the hill Posted by Picasa

Shu Shu and Eli walk through the poppy garden Posted by Picasa

Eva at the butterfly exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers Posted by Picasa

He could not be woken for the world! Posted by Picasa

We wore ole Eli out  Posted by Picasa

watching the show at the Muse Mechanique Posted by Picasa

Eli and Shu Shu discuss the birds of Kenya Posted by Picasa

Enzo plays the accordian Posted by Picasa