Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dolores Park

This is the beginning of a family blog. This way our children can see their life from our point-of-view at some later date.

Dinner was just declared officially over by Eli. The instant water hits the tub, Eli took his lettuce leaf, a useful implement for dipping into veggie soup and humas, pointed it in the direction of the bath and repeated, “this this”. He then threw the leaf to the ground as if it were a flag declaring the winner of a professional car race – dinner is OVER -- NEXT. Eva promptly finished her last tortelini and climbed out of her chair. Like a well-tuned flute of the pied piper, the water draws our children out of the kitchen, thus the night-time routine begins.

They need a long bath to wash off the residual dirt from our family adventure to Dolores park on this lovely winter day. One would not know it were winter by the amazingly temperate weather and the cherry blossoms lining the residential streets all the way to the park. Both children piled in the Radio Flyer cart for the quick journey across the street to the park proper. Only Eli remained for the decent down the hill. As the last bit of sun stretched our shadows along the grass, Eli practiced throwing his favorite tennis ball, tempting many a’ dog with its bright yellow fuzz. He befriended a lovely German Shephard named Maddie. After a long courtship, Maddie made her move by sneaking in for Eli’s ball. Her grace and expert approach left Eli a bit astounded and reverent. He is rarely seen with out his ball these days, even without it he likes to say “ ball ball ball” as he extends his right arm – over and over.

We had good views of Eva as she moved from playing on the structure, meant for big children to the HILL! Here she went up with her Daddy only to roll to the bottom arm over arm to the bottom. What a face as she tumbled along - a grin from ear to ear.

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