Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eva in February 2005

Eva is really in to saying,”no no, never never do this” as she is determined to get her point across to the family. She is also in to turning off and on the lights in all the rooms. The other night she turned on the light in her room at 4:30 am and began playing in the hall outside of my room. All during dinner tonight she wanted to turn off the kitchen light. She loves moving her little chair from place to place to assist her.

Eva is beginning to loose her toddle. She can run, swinging her arms so that I can see what she will look like soon. I watched a 5 year old run down the beach on Sat and imagined watching Eva run like that – her legs taking her so far so fast. Eli is really moving on his feet now. His little bow legs tip you off he is still a babe learning. He can now get some speed up in to his own version of a trot. I just love watching them both.

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