Friday, April 22, 2005

Potty progress

It has been a month since writing but much has been happening here at 127 Randall Street…as I speak, Eva Gray is walking down the hall by-herself, panties around her ankles ready to pee-pee in the potty. Such excitement around this recent change in life. Wednesday, while we were in the back yard with Shu Shu Eva declared she had to go to the potty. I brought her potty in to the back yard and low and behold – she used it. I promptly went upstairs and got her a “jelly bean” – a fruit chew. She demanded Eli get one too. No sooner had I returned from a retrieving Eli’s, she’d gone again. By bedtime, I think I counted 4 tokens. Whew. The next morning, she pee peed again in the potty and several time in the afternoon. The headliner of this report comes in that while Eva was talking to Shu at the breakfast table, I heard some business taking place in her diaper, I asked if she wanted to poop in the potty and yes, she did. And yes she did. The strangest thing is she now announces everything as, “ mom, help me with my panties, go and check mom – gone is mommy…..I hope not forever…

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