Monday, May 30, 2005

The real sleeping beauty

A few new changes to our routine has added a few snuggles with Eva Gray to my list. First, I rouse Eva after 45 minutes of snoozing during her nap, making bedtime a reasonable hour. I enjoy this immensely. I crawl into beg with Eva and snuggle close. Usually she does not even move a finger, so I remain next to her, either rubbing her back, stroking her hair or just sitting there while she sleeps. Eventually she wakes up (usually after Eli wakes up and rushes in). IF I did not do this, Eva would sleep for three hours and wake grouchy - what a switch after a nap strike for over 8 months!

Our new night time routine has me going to Eva after saying good night to Eli. I entertain Eva's request for a song (Not Twinkle Twinkle Star - she says) and have a pres-slumber chat. Last night she told me all about the fairies that come in to her room and how she did not eat her soup for dinner because it was too late. Now you and I know it was barely veggie soup. We hear Eli cry in protest of Daddy leaving the room and she responded with, "poor little guy. Eli go to sleep and don't cry all night." We ended up kissing and lauging a bit too. I am so happy to finally be a part of Eva's night time routine again.

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