Monday, May 09, 2005


Saturday started out a bit hectic. After many negotiations who would go where and with whom – the children and I headed to Day Street Park to meet Leon and Naomi. Mom rested at home. It took me so long to cloth the troupes and get out the door Art and Dad got to the park before us. After a romp inside on the slides and toys, Eli and I headed to the Fair Oaks community yard sale. What fun. By the time we got there the sun was baking our backs, everyone was warm and sunny. It was a bit confusing by the end, meeting up with Art, Dad and Eva and our exit was rushed and aggravated but this did not take away from the finds: an Ergo Carrier, two plastic retro cups for the children, a hand milk frother (to replace my broken one), and a sun hat and necklace for Eva.

Saturday night we had a big ole time. The four adults, dressed in our "Casual Smarts", headed out to a secret location (at least for mom and dad). We drove through the city to arrive at the entrance of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Mom and I waited in the lobby while Art parked the car. Mom returned from the powder room with a souvenir of a pen and pad. The view of the city was perfectly masked in the glow just after the sun set. Our table overlook Grace Cathedral, the GG Bridge, Alcatraz and the water. So pretty. We all had cocktails which added a lightness to the evening. It was in no time we were all giggling. We managed to dance to a few tunes and imbibe a second drink – well all but dad who flavored the olives with his martini (those silly tall glasses do get in the way!).

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