Monday, May 16, 2005

words for Eli and more

Eli's vocabulary is growing. Here is the list of perfectly ennunciated words and some that are a bit more creative:

NO, nose (sounds more like nos), knee, hi mommy, mommie's (possesive is very important!), yaya (Eva + olivia), daddy, happy, some times we get a clear tank you, doggy, moon, bee, hot, up, hat, shoes, ice, boobie (of course) ( i will add more as i remember them), buh bye, nigh night, down, bebe, noodle (which sounds more like noonoo -= Eva taught him this while comsuming Thai food on Sat), he make fabulous sounds for birds, cars, planes, cats, dogs, bears, sheeps, frogs, ducks, cows. hapme = help me.

his understanding of what we are saying is excellent - he can run back to his room and get a diaper for me, point to any object in a book i say.

plus an update on sleeping. for three weeks, i nurse eli for 20 minutes at night then we have hugging a kissing time standing up for a few minutes. usually, he leans backwards for me to place him in his crib where we continue talking and saying our good nights. then he will blow me kisses and ask for daddy. this is where i take my cue to leave and find daddy. they say their good nights and then daddy leaves. eli usually fusses for 30 seconds to 2 minutes then goes to sleep. for the last week i slept in the bed near him and if he wakes at 2:30 - 3:30 i tell him it is not time to eat and he must go back to sleep. he protest for a bit and then goes back to sleep for 2 hours or so. he has gone so far as sleep to 5:00 am three times. tah dah - we'll see if we can get it to 5:30 soon!

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