Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Family Day Wednesday!

We first tried eating breakfast out on Memorial Day Monday. It went so well that we had a repeat perfermance on the Wednesday. We have our systems down. the brood enters Tyger's braced and prepared for the event. Thus far, we always get the first four-top table as you enter the doors. Eva sits in a chair, maybe a booster and Eli gladly eats from his high chair pushed up to the table. Eva makes her way touching and naming every condiment available, the salt, pepper, hot sauce, syrup bear, and ketchup. We order the farmer's special with pancakes, eggs and bacon for mommy and the children and daddy always gets the mexican-style breakfast from the special board. It is the most efficient 30 minutes ever spent in a restaurant.

Next, we went to Fort Funston for the first time. We've always known the place was THE spot for dog owners but thought we'd give it a try. It was so much fun. We first headed to the left, towards the bluff looking over the ocean. Eva and daddy skipped merrily through the low-lying ice plants. Eli found it a bit more challenging but kept going like trouper. For all the hype, we did not see many dogs. WELL, we soon found the secret route for pups and their owners. As it turns out, there is a fabulous paved trail that goes on and on. We ran in to most every breed of dog available with their oh, so serious mommies and daddies. i've never seen dog-owners so in to their pets. it was THE social hot-spot. There would be groups where the owners would know all the other dogs gathering - elenor, sydney, marvin etc. we felt like the outsiders with our two children. some people loved the children and others were leary of our invation of their space. our favorite owner was that of the three Weimriners (sp?) Max, evidently loved children because they meant strollers and food, called "shopping from the cart." we, unfortunately did not have a stroller nor any treats to share.

Eva and Eli were amazing. They walked, ran and strolled forever. We took a detour DOWN this very steep sandy path to the beach. We carried on with our normal beach behavior - diapers off and dancing in the surf. A wild jack russell came by and took off with Eli's diaper left with our things. If you were ever wondering what an exploding diaper looks like - the gel went scattering to the wind, in every direction.

Eli got a ride most of the way back to the car but Eva just kept plugging on. Both children slept like rocks for a long two hour nap.

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