Sunday, June 12, 2005

Neema and Tim visit!

Our friends from Vancouver Neema + Tim visited last weekend. I was so excited for Eva and Eli to spend time with them. They arrived after the children were in bed on Thursday night. Friday morning, Art managed to keep Eva and Eli in the back of the house from 5:30 am until 7ish. Eva was in the living room on a stealth mission when Neema made a noise from behind the dining room doors. Eva shyly visited them while they were still snug in bed. She ended up crawling up with them to greet the day. We had waffels and soy bacon for breakfast. Other highlights from their visit include, Neema and Tim's renditions of the children's favorite books, lap time and Neema's birthday cake! Eva and Eli had their first Indian pizza from Zante's, which Eva decided was to "sficey" for her liking while Eli just munched away. Friday night, Neema read the books she brought the children while they were in the bath - the adventures of the Mole Sisters are a new hit in our family. Eva was intent on requesting Sophie cat's presence only to be told that she was back in Canada.

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