Saturday, June 18, 2005

Our friends leave for the summer

Naomi, David and Leon came over last night to bid us farewell before their two-month trip abroad. We will miss them but are excited as they head to Israel, Germany and London. Leon walks around his house as of late saying, "Eli, Eli, Eli," prompting Naomi to call for a frequent visits. Leon and Eli inevidably will end up leading one another hand-in-hand, showing one another the fair sites of home, playground, or any ole environment they are currently exploring. Eli has also taken a shine to Naomi and calls out her name throughout the day. Naomi is lucky enough to receive gestures of Eli's love as he falls to his knees and barks or rolls his eyes back in his head with a huge grin on his face. This was first used for his girlfriend Kara when she visited. Eva and David also have a very special relationship. Often Eva will be in Davids arms as he prepares dinner, keeping him deep in conversation as they chop, stir, shake. Bye bye friends for now - see you for a day or so before we leave for the East Coast in August.

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