Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cinnamon Girl

After "nap" time, we decided to make oatmeal cookies. It was an organizational nightmare. After requesting Art to bring home butter, raisins, and , I realized I did not have oatmeal. Eva was most enthusiastic about joining on the journey to the corner store. I quickly put a dress on her and she ran to put on her red patent leather shoes from Grammy. Now this was the longest part of the journey, Eva instisted on putting each shoe exactly on the incorrect foot and that she needed to thread and close the velcro straps. Luckily the shoes are big enough that she can do little damage to her feet on the wrong foot. As we made it down the stairs, Eli ran hysterically to the landing, crying in appeal for his joining the journeymen. So, he made his way to the store with us in his diaper in mama's arms. After this succesful task, I realized we'd used the last eggs so Art treked back to the store for the effort. This is just one illustration of my sleep deprivation.

Anyway, Eva has found her niche - master spice mixer. She was so eager to help. As I gathered all of the ingredients on various counter tops, she drag her chair from this one to the next. Her first station was helping to mix the flour mixture. She was the most enthusiastic whisker ever. Then she stood watch over the mixer - and it was here she found her calling. As I added a bit of cinnamon she begged a task - yumm of approval. As I grated the nutmeg she dared take a taste of the spice. She then got her hands on the bottles and went to town. She put them on teh base of the mixer, shook them, and then begin merrying them. I was able to bake all the oatmeal cookies while she was enthralled with her new task. The end result was a cinnamon flavored girl. These were the sweetest kisses I ever stole.

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