Thursday, August 25, 2005


A big attraction heading to North Garden was Mizar, Shu Shu's dog. She was the first one to greet us as we approached the house, barking and hearding us to a stop. Eva was immediately happy to see the dog, Eli on the other hand was suspect. He wanted to be carried into the house and clung closely to any adult for protection. The ice was broken as Mizar allowed Eli to walk him endlessly around the house while a leash. I still get a big grin thinking of Eli marching from the kitchen to the dining room and back saying, "here doggy."

Eva was already rooting for Mizar but their bond was taken one step further the first night. Usually Mizar sleeps on the bed with Shu Shu. Instead she slept all night next to Eva Gray. Eva's eyes widened a bit as she described the presence of her loyal friend.

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