Friday, November 11, 2005

Lantern walk

We had our first preschool event outside of parent's meetings - the annual lantern walk. this takes place on November 11, Saint Martin's Day. Everyone gathered at 5:00 at the home of Beth, Peter and Somerset. The house was buzzing with activity as all the children and parents filled all of the rooms. The formal part of the evening started in the front parlor, around the fire. Marlis, the teacher, gathered the children in a cirlce, with all the parents looking on, to tell two stories acted out with little wooden figurines (how Waldorf, I KNOW!) The first story was of Martin, the knight, as he met a man while out on his ride on a cold Automn night...he stopped and gave him half of his cloak. It felt so good to give generously that he spent the rest of his life doing good for those around him. The second story was of a little girl who's family ran out of lantern oil. She headed out into the night with her lantern asking all of the forest animals for some oil. She was finally sent to the moon to gather light for her family. Indeed she was able to re-light her family fires. To commemorate these events, we walked through the neighborhood carrying these lovely lanterns with candles inside, giving the warmth of our light to all.

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