Saturday, January 28, 2006

Evening Ritual

Every night Daddy gives Eva and Eli their bath. I either finish cleaning the kitchen or catch-up on my emails. Eli ALWAYS get out of the bath first. I hear Art say, "Go see Mommy." Then I hear the beginnings of a pitter-pat. Usually, he comes and finds me at the computer and commands me to sit down, pointing to spot at the doorway to the hall. He then, runs down to the mirror and says, "say where's Eli?" So the game begins. "Where's Eli? Daddy, have you seen Eli? I've looked up, I've looked down but I can't find Eli!" Then Eli yells, "here I am, " as he's running full-steam towards me. He leaps with all of his might and lands in a helicopter position above my head. Then he demands "one more" which turns into 5 +. Sometimes I get him to reverse his retreat and give me a big kiss.

Just before the holidays, Eli turned the corner. I know I see him EVERY night but this particular night, a baby did not great me, it was truly a little boy. His soft chunky body has been replaced by a lean, efficient moving machine. Gotta go, I hear daddy getting him out the tub now, I dont' want to miss our ritual.

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