Saturday, September 30, 2006

the styles they are a changn'

oh my, i've gone and done it now. eli has been in need of a haircut for weeks now. we've gone back and forth about taking him to Snippity Crickets, where Eva gets her hair done, for a big boy hair cut. Honestly, all of friends with boys are not thrilled with their cuts. eli has been saying he want to go to have Anna cut his hair at Snippity Crickets. I've explained that they will cut off all of his hair, he'll get a big boy haircut. anyway, a week or so has passed with no time in our schedule for a trip to see Anna. eli said to me this week, he wanted me to cut his hair. today, he took a shower, i placed him on a towel on the potty, with aligator in hand. i just went straight across the back and then started cutting into the hair. little eli was left with hair all around him. he still has an eli style but it is definately shorter. all i've done is just watch him all morning, seeing the big boy in front of me. art and eva returned from a morning at ballet. eli and i were on eva's bed reading a book. i yelled for art to come back. he walked in, his eyes bulged and he smiled and told eli how beautiful he looked. eli got immediately shy. eva came back, saying, "what happend to his hair." once we got her off the subject, she finally looked at eli and said, "he looks really really different." so i'll try to sneak a photo of my little, come big's a bit sad but he really is cute no matter what!

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