Friday, June 05, 2009


Susan and Stella came over for fun in the backyard. Unlike most SF afternoons here in baja Noe, as we like to all our hood, the wind/fog stayed away. Even now at 7:30 at night, I have the south-facing windows open and the curtains are not moving. The children had fun finding treasures (little iridescent vase stones) and re-hiding them for each other for a long time. Meanwhile under the arbor we were creating a mobile from the goodies we'd collected with S/S in February (see post Sea Ranch Heaven, February 20, 2009.) One of the rafters in the Sea Ranch house has an amazing mobile balancing upon it. Eva, Susan and I worked on it. I'm more a simple-is-better kinda girl but the powers that be (Susan and Eva) found the yard to be inspiring and kept adding more pieces of the yard.

We'll hang the finished piece above the stairwell soon.

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