Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sewing wins

so, my own blog motivated me. I finished reading a chapter of Misty of Chincoteague to the children, walked down the hall strewn with clothes, towels, shoes, passing through the kitchen piled high with a full day of dishes to the sewing machine. I made the right decision. I was able to make the second dress in one night, not repeating any of the mistakes I made (making a few different) and go to bed with another dress waiting for Eva when she awoke. this dress speaks to me. I'll post a photo soon, she's wearing it on the last day of school tomorrow.

I can't believe the school year is over. E + E will never be in the same class again. it's been lovely seeing how Eva takes care of her little brother, well of course that come with some torture as well. Eli completely looks up to his sister. they share the same friends, work side-by-side on the same projects. when they retell the story Dagmar has filled their heads with they can speak in unison and when one drops a word the other fills-in. there is an ease to it all.

it is time however for them to part. Eva has moment of not connecting to the 5 year old in Eli. She wants MORE. she's ready to sit and learn at a desk. I've loved Eva as a kindergartener, look forward to seeing the first-grader she is to become.

Dagmar said that Eli was the perfect dreamy kindergartener. He listens, is completely creative but is under his sisiter's spell. she reaffirms it is time for him to be on his own and looks forward to it greatly.

how did I digress from sewing? this happens to me always.

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  1. How is Misty of Chincoteague going over with the kids? I loved reading it as a child, and when we went to Katie's wedding on Assateague Island last spring, I thought it was the perfect time to start reading it aloud. My three were NOT riveted, and these boys love everything! Maybe I gave up too soon?