Saturday, June 27, 2009

tubing down the mighty James River

Yesterday we took an epic trip tubing down the James River. We did not go until 11:00 which put us under the mid-day sun and had me a little crazed when I realized that our suntan lotion is only "water resistant." No surprise to me, Eva took right to the event, she swam most of the way, at least 2.5 of the 4 mile trip (the water was 4 feet at most points but was shallow enough to stand along the way.) She could not be stopped. At one point she left our family and swam so far ahead of us that she joined the Park 'n Rec team. They gave her a ride until I urged Art to retrieve her.

At first, Eli was like putting a cat in the sink for a bath, straddling the inner tube ensuring he'd not get wet. He was not off in his judgment as it was cloudy and the water was a refreshing temperature. My little optimist kept saying, "I think the sky is gong to blue-up soon." He was right, by the end of the second mile, we were under blue, warm skies.

I started out in a pissy mood. I've yet to sleep more than 5 hours this trip for many different reasons, most recently going to bed too late and missing my window to sleep. I was definitely the wet-rag on the trip. My citiness came out when we pulled up to a log to lunch upon and I was freaked by two LARGE wood bugs, caught in a snuggle, by a large brown spider who came up, wrapped his furry brown arms around their bodies and bit them. I was squimish and urged the party to another spot. This would not have happened in my early, river youth. I decided to keep my mouth closed most of the trip and let the river wash the sour mood off me. By the end, I was gazing at the beautiful trees lining the river, staring eye to eye with dragon flies, and contemplating the abstract patterns of grass and rock rolling underneath me.

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  1. Hope you are sweetdreaming right now, lady J. Art told us about your river tube trip this morning when he arrived to reclaim his keys and his duties (thank heavens). Sounded really special, he said he did a lot of canoeing as a kid. You are flying solo now, mama, so I wish you strength and patience and lots of healing rivers of all sorts (having a good cry?) Enjoy.