Sunday, August 02, 2009

weekend with friends

Ed took care of our laudromat empire while we were in VA, and let's just say that it was much more time-consuming than he expected. He did an amazing job and allowed us to really get away from the SFWash life. Anyway, he suggested that maybe we could take care of Skyla and Julias one weekend and we leapt at the chance to spend time with our buddies. So July 30 - August 1 we were a family of 6. I can honestly say that I would never have a relationship with my children if we were that many, I was too busy keeping then fed, in clothes and in fun. We spent Saturday out at at Lake Lagunitas hiking around the lake and spending hours playing in the creek. The hightlight of the day was Eva catching a newt. "Newtie" provided over and hour of enjoyment for the children, we hope he did not suffer and long-term ailments from so much love from our crew. I must say the dinner table is so quiet now we are back to being only 4.

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