Wednesday, August 05, 2009

school shopping

sI'm not sure what happens over the summer but my children grow inches daily, I start to fret while away about having to replace all the clothes. I am lucky in that both my children do not mind high-water pants, sleeves that are too short and stains on their chests. Yesterday I took on the childrens' closet, another entry altogether, and weeded out the extremes, it left our shelves pretty low. I always shop by myself, except for the occasional thrift store run, and present the stash to the children. Today, I had to pick up the new key TO MY NEW STUDIO, also worthy of an entry. I took E+E with me and headed to H&M in the downtown Westfield Mall. This is the only store I go to in the Mall, I love the prices and mostly the boys clothes. I was so pleased how the entire exprience went. The children were so excited to be there, especially Eva. I told her this was her first mall, she said, no we go to see Santa every year but we just don't shop." This was so funny to me in that there could not be two malls more different than this fancy pants establishment and the grade d mall of my youth in Staunton where I did most of my shopping at Sears. She loved looking at the offerings, not expecting everything, taking my suggestions, and willing to forgo something for another mama-suggestion. It sound silly to say I was proud of how my daughter shopped but it was just how she conducted herself in general and it was one of those childhood moments - back-to-school shopping. Eva came home, thanked her daddy, adding that, "mommy made me say it." We got a fashion show and off she went to bed, commanding to to wash her clothes. They would not settle down tonight and I blew the romance of the day by pulling out of thin air, "this is the last time I'm coming back here tonight, your new clothes are going on a shelf until the first day of school." The words came out and alas I have to live up to it.

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