Saturday, September 05, 2009

can I can?

My hubris was up after my initial success with the tomato sauce and grapefruit marmalade. I ordered 40 lbs of Early Girl tomatoes from a farmer with an overrun, joyfully picked them up on Wednesday from her parking spot on Folsom Street. I had wanted to get them the next week knowing how the busy first week of school might go and the long weekend with little plans scattered on the schedule but felt confident I could do it, overly so, without really coming up with a plan of action. Long story short, 3 hours of pealing 1/2 the tomatoes on Friday a.m., tried a combo of 3 quarts and 3 pints only to have the pints leak (should have re-canned but I went to to make more mistakes,) pealed more tomatoes and foolishly left them on the counter, they soured (mostly the top), discarded those, made sauce out the rest, tasted funny, kept adding sugar, yikes now have too much sweat/soured tomato sauce. Alas, I was shaken on Saturday but had to save face on Sunday by making 3 jars of yummy elderberry jam, 2 jars pickled spiced carrots, three jars of pickled peperoncini peppers and roasting and saving 10 red peppers. Sorry only have photos from the process on Friday, I was not in the mood to capture the chaos of Saturday. I must have some pride about me.

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