Tuesday, September 01, 2009

last day of summer

I've really not prepared for school, the fact is that I am nervous about returning to the rush of keeping to schedules, making lunches, and waking up early. I can't say that we've had the most exciting summer but it's been relaxed, thoughtful and sometimes boring which is what I needed. I realized last night that I had not gotten the a few items needed for school, some required and some more of a ritual. I hatched a plan to get us in to the mood by going to the Ferry Building. The Waldorf school has some rituals of their own that are worthy of an eye roll when I say them out-loud, there is the basket they carry their lunch in filled with healthy food, napkin, and dinner-wear. This said, they are a part of the childrens day, they enjoy their lunch time, eat good food and are a part of the process. Anyway, back to our prep day. The children and I took a nice walk to Glen Park, the little village near our home that has the closest BART station. The children enjoyed going through the turn-style themselves and I was surprised at how much easier it was than earlier trips to the station. We easily exited except for the "flat" Eli gave the heal of Eva's shoe which caused her to lean down and fix the situation so that every person coming off the escalator has to walk over her in order not to run her over. We passed a homeless man asking donations for little flowers he makes out of reeds. The children liked them so I let them run back and put a dollar each in to his jar and they came back with little bouquets, they were so happy they skipped away. We first went to Sur la Table where we looked for a ceramic cup for Eva to leave in the classroom to drink her tea and I thought it'd be nice to have new napkins. The children each picked out two napkins per child. Eli found a nice white cup that was inexpensive, a requirement put forth early, and they chose red and white checked napkins. Eli fell in love with a great potato masher, he was so cute but I was not going to fork over the $15 but told him I'd love it for my birthday. I ended up getting the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market Cook Book which was perfectly matched to what I get in my box seasonally.

After a time watching the lobsters and crabs and debating their inevitable end, we went outside to nibble on some breadsticks and watch the ferries load and depart while we waited for Art. We ended up seeing Jayden from Eli's grade and Nikko from Eva's class with his mom Tony, we had a nice chat in the sun. After a round-about debate on lunch, which lead us from Out the Door, to Mexican finished with us sitting outside at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant the Slanted Door.

Art and I began our meal with a ginger/limeade cocktail - decadent and delicious. Our menu included chick in clay pot, green papaya salad, grilled corn sauteed with mushrooms, and noodles, it was divine. I ran in to a woman from I knew from mommy classes when Eva was a babe who now waited tables there.

We stopped at Rainbow Co-op for water bottles and bamboo-wear (roll eyes!). The day rolled on to bed time with packing lunches, laying out clothes, dinner and bed. Whew. tomorrow is the big day.

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