Monday, September 07, 2009

lovn' summer shelling beans

I go to the best grocery stores in the City, by my opinion, Bi-Rite, Canyon Market and of course Rainbow Coop. I fall in to a rut, I buy the same things over and over, granted they are in season. I get stretched by our CSA box that will throw out a new vegetable and start a new love affair, like the watermelon radish, don't get me started. Gourmet's Bevy of Beans and Basil just did it for me. I tried to get a variety of bean for a salad and this one said summer shelling beans and what do you know, there they were right there next to all the other standards I reach for every week. These were cranberry beans, I par-boiled them added them to the Italian flat bean and standard greens beans - fun texture and went well with the grilled pork chops and figs.

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