Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dutch Baby

We love Ducth Babies in our house. I first woke up back in March wanting to recreate a breakfast made by a wife of an old work friend. She called it a German pancake. I made one that was thick and custardy, Eva turned up her nose but Eli ate 7 helping, albeit small slivers. I made several since from the April, Gourmet (highlighted as a dessert option.)  It was one of those pride moments when you realized you beat the trend. This recipe was a little too dry and thin for my taste. I finally found the right recipe in A Homemade Life. I used my cast iron pans, one 9 inch and the 11 inch, a consitancy for all the family. You will see that one of the pans is no longer seasoned after being scrubbed with an abrassive brush (it killed me, our housekeeper, yes I'm spoiled every other week, took 20 years of seaoning off.)

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