Saturday, October 17, 2009

poetry + sewing

Last night I saw the most beautiful movie, Bright Star, about the three year romance between the poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Jane Campion took me on the visual journey of my life, I was gone at the opening scene of the needle going through the cloth, a close-up with fuzzy focus, hand working, I was giddy. The clothes, the poetry, everything was lovely and if this were not enough the melancholic subject sent me realing  - oooo my heart is racing as I write. Today Naomi and I carried through on a long-planned date, we met at my studio, I to sew and she to work on her school work. Midway through the morning I realized I was living my 19th century dream, sort of, replace the English, country home, for my loud urban studio virtually wrapped by the entrance ramp on to the bay bridge, and the linen ruff/colar in the making with a clunky gnome costume lacking in precision and not a tidy stitch to be found, but skip right to the romance as Naomi serinaded me with one of her recent prose poems, and some poignant works by a Venezuanlain poet and some fellow student works. My mind wondered often to a future summer of communal family living with the Katz-Goldner's in a country paradise, recreating this moment.


  1. Your "giddy" review of Bright Star inspired me to look for the closest showtimes, and while I knew that the search results would be discouraging, I ended up stumbling upon a cool new theater in Richmond. It's called Movieland, and it has 17 screens housed in an old locomotive factory built in 1887, located right off of Boulevard, near the baseball diamond. It serves up mimosas and classic movies in the mornings, and has reserved a couple of screens for art & indie films. It just opened in February-- yay!

  2. go Sydney go - I wish I could fly home and see it with you. take photos of the place for me and I'll post them here. I love where I saw it too, at the Sundance Theater, where you can reserve your seats from home for the mere cost of $15!!!! I can't remember if you too are a movie-goer that gets nervous that you won't get the right seat, have to sit in the front row (which I recently had to do). If so, we are once again a good match honey.