Monday, October 05, 2009

sad day

My first round of sad news came when I confirmed that my SLR Nikon D80 is broken. Yesterday I had my camera at church during world communion Sunday, as they children sang a lovely song, there was processing, children fidgeting for seats and when I was asked to "move over" while I had Eva on my lap, I promptly sat on my camera - lens up. I was hoping it was only the lens only but today when I my 85 mm lens did not work either, I got it. It is worth a try to get a quote on a repair, I've been a little sick to my stomach most of the day I know it is just a camera and I should not have such reaction over an object but it has been a real companion to me and my eyes to the world for two and half years. I'd saved my "coffee" money for 9 months to purchase the $1200 package, the zoom lens  froze in Philadelphia this past winter break and I was saving to buy a new one. I'm also sad not have it for my trip to see my Dad on Thursday, I wanted to document my time with my parents. I'll just fork over some $$ and take film + I may purchase a cheap Polaroid for the instant gratification I've come so used to.

The second sad news is that Gourmet is going out business. Art just sent this article to me. Before I had a chance to read it, he first lovingly held my hand when I emerged from my bathtub after reading A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, and broke the news. I've not been getting the magazine for long, so I can only imagine how hard-chore fans must be feeling, but I love this magazine. I got both this and Bon Appetite for a year and there was no comparison in the layout, the quality of images, the fabulous "Quick Recipe" section and the je ne sais quoi. The latter just is all spread out and I never find myself sitting down to devour an issue from cover-to-cover like Gourmet.  Ever month I can not wait to go down to the garage and see the plactic wrapped issue waiting for me. I'm alway excited when I made something recently that was featured this month, like when I made my Dutch Baby only to have it featured in the March issue and now in Molly's book. I would bring the book up to my room and wait until I had the time to scan and possibly read it from cover to cover in one sitting, first removing all the inserts that get in the way of me folding back each page. Alas, I'll just have to enjoy what I got and keep living like it's 2009 in my kitchen for the rest of my life.


  1. oh nooo...
    Gracious, I can imagine how distressing this is, especially before your big trip. I say replace/repair it quick. Don't linger and fret, and prolong the agony. Your camera isn't a luxury or a fun toy. As you said, it is your companion and your eyes, and a part of your identity. Hemorrhage the money and get back on track. I love your photographs, so this might be selfish counsel as well, but I believe it qualifies for the "kill the problem" approach. Kill the problem with whatever it takes. In this case... money.

  2. purchased a point and shoot the day before I flew out. this will tide me over until I buck it up and get a new SLR - I'm pleased enough with the little camera but will not be like my normal expression...