Thursday, October 22, 2009

up to what

Ah the autumn has brought with it the seasonal flurry mixed with a dash of anxiety to get projects done but the annual spaciness that keeps me from accomplishing anything. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels most days. I need to be kind to myself for in this confussion I've spun up the to-do lists for Eli's birthday (two 1/2 weeks), Thanksgiving (four weeks), Eva's birthday (six weeks), and beginning Christmas plans. I've managed to whip-up a witches and gnome costume, carved our first two pumpkins, toasted seeds, made head-way on the pencil bags for Christmas, started a birthday banner, ordered teepee pattern for Eli's gift, wrapped anniversary gift, all while cooking healty meals and getting those children to school daily washed, fed and dressed. There I put it down and let it lift the funky cloud that has descended upon me.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my Lord. What a good idea, because... see? I'm impressed and jealous by all that you have already accomplished. I'm so weary of the sensation of being a hamster on a wheel, but if I really thought about, I bet some stuff actually got done. Thanks, babe!