Wednesday, November 11, 2009

on the eve of Pinecones sixth birthday...

so much excitement in the air, and it's all mine. I was a mad flurry moving through my day, preparing for Eli's day and the arrival of Neema + Sameer. thanks to Peter drilling holes in the bamboo, I finished the tee pee, and to Suzanne for the little baskets/acorns and directing me to Coast for dried gourds for the set-up and Peter's wood scraps for the boat project for E + friend tomorrow. The Indian settlement is up and waiting for the boy to wake up and discover. Eva crept out while I was showing Neema the tee pee and nearly scared us both to death, you'd have thought it was our mother catching us with a beer bottle. Eva is on the secret now and I know she'll keep it, unlike in years past. I also finished the two banners: BIRTHDAY + BOY, this ought to surprise Eli who's been critical of Art's birthday garland. as I sewed the stitches I thought of my boy the entire time, there was no sense of urgency, just time to ponder this sweet boy of mine.

I've been thinking about you and your little boyness as it's slipping away from me, here are some of the things I love and'll miss:

you won't always...
  • want to run into my arms and be twirled just because they were open and waiting for you
  • say milozine instead of limosine
  • listen to the birds instead of my voice
  • give me your special leg/night-time hug
  • call "MAMA" first thing in the morning and want to be carried to the table announcing, "special delivery"
  • want to be a gnome for halloween
  • sing so sweetly
  • call Eva, Sis
  • ask for the keys, run ahead, lock me out only to let me in as soon as I arrive because it's our deal
  • need your special blue blanket to sleep
  • need me to hand you a towel when you get soap in your eyes washing your hair
  • stop at a stream of water heading to the gutter to float a leaf
  • climb to the top of the tree to ponder
I love you Branch Elias Pinecone Bender.


  1. *wipes eye*

    I love your love.

  2. I've been meaing to check out your blog for awhile now, and finally just accessed it via Helen's food blog. Thank you for offering me this pause in my day. I'm reflecting now on my own almost 6 year old and the this beautiful phase of her life that I am so privileged to share in. I would love to see a photo of your tee pee--what a gift. I look forward to visiting you agin here, soon.

  3. Colette,

    A wonderful surprise to catch you here. Yes, get as many 5 year old snuggles as you can. it's all so fleeting. Hello to all your sweet family.