Friday, November 13, 2009

tis feudal times....

from Eva's point of view, November 12th is a tough one. she was so excited about the big day she went to sleep hours after her bed time and woke up at 4:50! yes yes yes. when Eli finally woke up, she was already an expert on his Indian Villiage, leaving nare a surprise for him to uncover. this did not seem to phase him, he did not whine nor fuss but slowly he made his claim on all the items. luckily I'd purchased two guords for each to have but the two baskets of rocks Eli would not part with, leaving his sister in a bawling mess on the floor. I finally got her back to her papa who read a chapter of Castle Corona to her and snuggled with her until she felt better. the new banner, too was too much, all for her little brother. as we were leaving for our special day at school, eva looked up at me begrudgingly and muttered, " you treat me like a peasant child..."

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