Tuesday, December 01, 2009

bulbs in before Dec 1!

finally, I got the children out to plant the bulbs I got 8 weeks ago from Sloat Garden Center. from what I remember I got 3-4 variteties of tulips, snowdrops, and my favorite grape hyacinths. when I was little I'd meander home from elementary school, taking my ole sweet time. there was a corner property on North Gate that had wild hyacinths growing all over the emabankment. I'd often pick a little nosegay for my mom, not sure how many actually made them home. last year I walked in to Bloomers, a florist across from the children's school. I picked up a familiar bunch only to find out they were $30, I laughed, shared my story and trotted promptly out of there empty-handed. I hope mine come up in the spring. i refigerated all the bulbs and now worry that only the tulips required the forced frost, time will tell.

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  1. Ellen had an identical experience in Brooklyn last spring when she spotted flowers in a shop that made her nostalgic for the country blooms that grew wild along our road. I *think* she bought them, despite the crazy price of, like.. $5 a bloom? She spent the remainder of the day in a topsy turvey world of comfort and outrage.