Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dicken's Fair converts

Eva has been begging to go the Dicken's Fair for three years, I truly had no interest in taking two small children to the Cow Palace with 100's of people. This year the Dicken's fever is rampant amongst the first grade girls.  Many girls came back after Thanksgiving weekend with hairdos and Eva was ready to shed her short locks for the chance to get her hair done. so Eva's birthday became the the turning point of my bending. As posted before she got the vintage red cape, pantaloons, and a dress that never arrived. The day before the event, we found a red dress someone found at a thrift store last year for us and with a little crinoline it was perfect. Our house was a flutter before the event, Eva dressing before the rest of us were out of bed, Eli wetting down his hair drying his pants in the dryer, Art looking through various closets to find his wedding vest and I pulling out every item that may pass as Victorian.

All said and done we were there from 11:00 - 7 pm with a total of 5 families from school, we watched performances, played the lemon game, rode the carousel, ate fish 'n chips, and danced for hours. It was completely enchanting (if you could get over the crowds + hot buttered rum helped!), good wholesome fun for the family. the actors were polite, engaging and highly entertaining. I think we're going to get a season pass next year!  oh no, does that mean the Renaissance Fair is next????

highlights: Eva getting a telegram from friends announced at the big Fezziwigs party including a note and a rose in a porcelain holder, getting her hair done in braids with adornments, being free to dance with her friends and the actors. Eli was mostly an observer until the very end. A woman came up and asked if he's like to dance and off he went, she asked if he could skip and told them they were doing the Polka, most children are excorted to the center to dance away from the massive moving crowds. evidently Eli just took off skipping and swinging is partner all around the floor, avoiding hitting other dancers and keeping up the pace for the entire dance. she asked if I could send her photos I did and this is what she wrote back..."
Thank you so much for sending these.  He's a real sweetheart and was a 
highlight of the day with his energy.  He's gonna break some hearts in a 
few years...  ;-)

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