Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eli's Viewmaster

There is secret behind this Viewmaster that I'm not willing to divulge but you may look at Neema's blog to guess on your own. I finally gave Eli his belated birthday gift yesterday, as I had the VM but just got discs this week from ebay. As well, I'm hoping that these dips in to popular culture will not make him such a nerd as he's blocked from viewing the moving images for a few more years, Art rolled his eyes and laughed at me at the thought of THIS having any help in that department. Saturday our friend Leon was telling him about Donald Duck and Toy story, well here you go Eli, you now have visuals to go along with the stories.

ps - Love you Neema! It was worth it just so I can think of you every time I see him with it.

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