Thursday, January 07, 2010

good bye christmas hello "winter"

I was not ready to say good bye to our tree before we left so I was faced with a very crispy specimen to tend with this week. Integrating the new gifts in to our 1400 sq ft apartment is also a challenge that comes post holiday/birthday. Two days later, one tree out the window/on to the curb, ornaments safely in the garage, books on the shelves, we continue our life in 2010.  I always think I'll miss the decorations but the empty spaces left behind always seem soothing to my eye. Ahh now we can think of winter theme and valentines day approaching.


  1. i would love to see your ideas for winter themed stuff that isn't christmas-y. feeling the blues on this too as we just took down the tree last week and removed miscellaneous decorations like our nativity etc. When I asked Sameer what we should put up, he promptly said "birthday banner"...poor guy there are no birthdays in this household until June! so, winter ideas would be welcome....

    we have had no snow here, just rain rain rain. is it grey and rainy there too?

  2. It's funny to me that you don't miss the tree as much as you thought, because I always miss it more than I expected. The space looks austere and cold instead of warm and cozy; not what you want when winter really hits. I think I need to put the picture frames back on the mantle and bring my friends back into the room.

  3. neema - great minds think alike, sameer and i are on the same page. I've just ordered snowflake stamps and i'm going to made a "garland" from white cloth with silver snowflakes to hang above the breakfast nook, to become our own version of snow. we have rain today too, but it's not too dreary.

  4. sydney, i know it is funny, i have our tree positioned so i can see it all along our hallway and from a window, it made me smile everytime i'd see it but our entire room fell apart by the end of the holiday, we'd changed the furniture for christmas day to make the tree the focus and the needles were falling faster than i can imagine.

    YES to getting me back up on your mantle - need more photos?