Sunday, January 17, 2010

hot water bottle addiction

The children go through meloncholic phases that come in cycles and emerge at bed-time, this booboo hurts, my tummy aches, my back is can imagine the contestants on the list of maladies. SOMETIMEs, I do not have the patience to tend to every bump and bruise, especially when they cut in to my evening. I hit on the cure when each child snuggles up to their own hot water bottle. They settle down and are quiet in minutes and off to sleep soon there after. We're in an addictive phase right now.


  1. This is pure brilliance. Our issues don't involve aches and pains but rather odd bouts of insomnia, and distracting, troubling thoughts at bedtime. I think a hot water bottle might work just was well for ailments of the mental sort.

  2. Sydney,
    I fear we've run our coarse...they've wanted them non-stop and now they are less of cure and more of one more thing to add to our ritual.

  3. That could happen, but the kids in my house are all big enough to fill their own damn water bottles.