Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sleep is the talk of the hour

Yesterday, Art moved Eva's rocking chair in to the living room. The thought being, when Eli wakes, I'd just rock him/hold him while screaming until he was either asleep or until the appropriate time to wake up. Eva loved hearing this plan. She's ready for Eli to sleep in her room and I think she isa bit jealous that Eli gets milk throughout the night and she only gets water.

So, for the last two nights I've managed to nurse Eli and then place him in his crib and wait until he falls asleep on his own. Last night he did not wake until 4:40 am!!!!!! whew. I went to him and he liked being rocked for a little while and then put up a strong protest for a good 20 minutes. Alas, the magic number arrived, 5:30 am, he was free to nurse but not to fall asleep. He was fine with this plan. Well, the crying woke Eva and she opened the door to our room. I jumped up to let her know where she could find Daddy, she immediately said, "Eli need to be in the rocking chair!" I laughed and reassured her with a kiss and let her know tha,t in fact, Eli had done his time in the rocking chair. Satisfied with this answer, she trotted off.

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