Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Grammy and Grandaddy Visit

Mom and Dad arrived on Monday. Thought we'd never get out of the airport. Their flight was only the second to arrive in San Francisco as a part of Independence Air. They landed in the international terminal. I parked in the domestic terminal. long story short, not knowing there was different lot for international parking, i took us all the way to Lot G which was where I thought I had parked. But no, we had to go for ever to get back to our car. poor mom and dad, eli and myself saw every corridor of the terminal. i was so agrivated by the time we got to our car and the grand parents were worn out!

Anyway, we've had a nice visit. Eva and Eli have been playing with the tea set grammy brought them non-stop. Every morning, Eva crawls between G & G and talks to them and even let's them fall back to sleep.

Yesterday, Eli and I took grammy to get her back adjusted by Dr. John. He gave her a real work over. He tried to get grammy involved in a controversial subject of how liberal San Francisco is but Mom declined. She passed it off by saying, " I can barely get Branch to come out here." Dad graciously handled the question I posed later, he said he did not think he could live out here.

We made a new bed in the dining room for our guests by setting up our old bedframe and placing the airmattrass on a board. It looks nice and is comfortable, not to mention they get a view of the city from their bed - many people would pay $$$ for that!

Today we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. The children had a blast. Dad liked the design of the exhibits and Mom loved the veiw of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eli's new words in honor of the grandparent's visit: nose and nigh night. Eva has been busy playing with her imaginary friend, I think his name is Cranboy. He keeps Eva busy and gives Eli a bit of peace too!

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