Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy little fingers

At our last teachers conference, one of the topics Eva's teacher discussed was how dexterous Eva was. According to her, Eva can make such intricate works and is ALWAYS using her hands, tying thread, braiding grass on hiking day, her hands are never idle.

Last week, Eva went out in to the light-well area at the bottom of our downstairs neighbor's door. I was busy doing my "work" in the flat. She kept coming in and out. Once in a while Eli would throw something the two stories down to her. When it was time for dinner I asked if they'd cleaned up, they assured me they had. When I looked out the window I saw little tiny pieces of skulpy from their birthday. I fussed and gave them the dust broom and pan.

It was not for a few days later that I saw she'd taken the two vases that I stored the unbelievable amounts of the clay they had, she'd turned the faxes on their sides and made two lovely scenes - the detail is amazing: the water lilies on the pond, cattails lining the other pond, dancers/fairies doing splits alongside the water, and a bird in the tree. I fussed at her for putting it on the glass so I can not get it off. Now I sit and look at it on their art table all the time.

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