Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Career options

So Eva's head is spinning with what she wants to be when she grows up. I hear artist, dancer, astronaut most of the time. Sunday Eva and Eli had their first chance at singing in front of the congregation. The church has no budget for a formal children's music program but budgeted three rehearsals and this particular singing. Eva is a good student she goes right next to the director Britt and gives her all in learning the song. Throughout the last few weeks I've heard her humming, whistling the piece. Eli will have nothing to do with choir practice. While all the other children are gathered around the piano singing, Eli is laying on the bench, trying to distract everyone or running across the room.

On the way to church on Sunday I asked if they knew the song. Eva started singing the piece and Eli promptly started correcting her, adding words or rearranging them for her. Then to prove his point he just started singing the entire piece. I was surprised, a little that he knew it. Well actually he remembered all the songs from round-singing I attend at school last year. Anyway, I asked if he was going to sing today, he replied negative. I told him I was proud he knew all the words. He said, "songs are just him to keep in his heart." I then replied with the church-lady response, "but God would like you to share what is in your heart." Ah my good Virginia background came in handy in this argument. I then switched back to the "proud" part and he really seemed taken in by this one. Eli did in fact sing in church, he knew all the words, all it took was me kneeling in front of him to do it.

In the way home, Eva announced that she was going to add singing to her occupation. Eli piped-in, " I want to be one of those people you vote for like Barack Obama! I said, "Do you mean a politition and he said, looking out the window as the city rolled by, "yeah."

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