Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Desert Discovery Box

My friend Pat Quest tempted me last week with news that she may make it to SF for visit. She asked what kind of toy my children would like. I immediately said a rock from the desert would do. Pat's creative mind started spinning. When I got the news she would not make it for the visit, she was determined to get the children their discovery box before we departed. This morning we opened the box. Inside were two magnificent boxes with decorated tops and insides filled with treasures from the desert: rattle snake tail, buffalo teeth, petrified fish gills, stones, feathers, dried gourds. It is amazing. She also scanned the pieces and uploaded corresponding references to what the item is. The best part, for me, was the dedication:

Sonoran Desert Discovery for Eva and Eli Dedicated to your mother Jan for loving my children and me. Created by Pat Quest June 2009 so that I could share my love of the Sonoran Desert with two special young people Eva and Eli who also like rocks. And possibly you will love the beauty and wonder of the bones too. Hope you enjoy your treasures (and they do.)

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