Tuesday, June 16, 2009

all I want to do is sew again....

I think I'm starting to see a trend. Here I go again, the house is a wreck from top to bottom, I'm leaving in less than two days for a 5 week journey to VA and all I want to do is sew a top for Eva. I'm sorting through my material to see which I want to take with me and I'm matching patterns, thinking to myself, "It wouldn't take me that long..." I have to resist this urge and focus on my task here to get the 4 of us across the country with clean underwear, swimwear, sandals, and hats.

I've been a bit harried today running all over the city but I'm so proud that I stuck to my guns and did not think of trip-prep while friends were in town. I enjoyed their company, cooked good meals, and played at being a tourist in this fair city. Now the race is on, it's time.

I'm a consummate over-packer, I will layout clothes and all the things I need and for some reason, I seem to add 30% more to my luggage just before walking out the door. Can I rise the challenge I've posed for myself? Can I put to rest the "what if's" really only bring two pair of sandals and running shoes for myself or will the fabulous green and red ones I purchased for a large sum of money postpartum scream out to me,"this is why you purchased me, to wear in the hot weather of VA." I just got an itch on my neck thinking of it. I was talking with my mom this afternoon and dad offered the background, "remember you're not going to Africa, you'll be in civilized place where you can get what you need."

Good night diversion, I need to fold some laundry, lay out some clothes, make my list for tomorrow.

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