Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy to be traveling light

I did it, I'm still shocked as I write this how much economy I used in packing. I realize this is a boring subject but when one takes on a challenge publicly on a blog, it becomes a topic all unto itself. On Thursday morning when readying to leave, I started to get the nervous tick I alway experience when leaving home, I began pacing around the house, snapping at the children and wishing I had not made plans to leave for the summer. I ususally calm myself down by adding all the extras I think will help me out of all the unforeseen binds on my travels, thus becoming the burden I kick myself for in the first place. This time I walked out the door and ran one last errand. Our freedom came in many forms, we took BART to the airport, checked only two bags, and simplified the morning dressing routine as there really is not much to choose from. The downside is yesterday when greeted with a rainstorm we had to go buy 2 $10 umbrellas as I did not pack them this year but hey, thus far it's worth it.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean!! :)

  2. I was pretty happy to be a part of your welcoming committee, and to stand under your $10 umbrella in front of the National Museum of Natural History. Did you also feel welcomed by the hottest, wettest, steamiest day of the summer thus far? Watching our children dance to Cuban music in the empty sculpture garden was a highlight of a chaotic day.